rom the decades of experience of ASEM® in the field of safety in the laboratory, was born PATHO HOOD, the chemical hood of the latest generation designed for pathological anatomy.

The importance, and the fundamental role that pathological anatomy plays in the medical and surgical field, requires maximum safety and hygiene in every operation.

It is essential to use the right tools to ensure a high quality of work.

On this basis we have developed the chemical hood that meets the increasingly demanding demands of the world of pathological anatomy.

The particular opening tilting, allows you to physically approach the sample taken in total biological safety, as the glass protects the operator from any splashes, and with double suction, from harmful vapors and odors.

The hood, being also equipped with sink and water services, is ideal for practices such as acuaspiration, washing, brushing and exfoliation, main activities of an intraoperative or cytological histological examination.

PATHO HOOD ASEM®: particular front glass with ups and downs with HIGH-VISION device.

The double frame hinged and controlled by pistons, allows you to orient the glass towards the inside of the intake chamber, increasing the visibility and greatly facilitating the handling of samples.

It is also possible to adjust the opening according to the height of the operator; both standing and sitting.

This provision ensures maximum safety for the operator.
Splash protection (biohazard) and optimisation of air flows with vapour containment. PATHO HOOD, thanks to its fully closed and double-suction
body, completely breaks down the possibility of leaking vapors and odours harmful to users inside the laboratory, keeping the environment healthy.

The patented protective screen with high-vision tilting opening will also give the possibility to approach the samples worked under the hood, avoiding contact with dangerous spatter of biological material.

In fact, simply apply pressure on the central part of the ups and downs to have more space to analyze samples, and be able to appreciate any qualities
more closely. Thanks to this patent we guarantee a versatile and more performing use for users, and also greater hygiene and safety within the working environment.