Human virus exhibition: Palazzo Zaguri Venezia

Interview with Simone Stancanelli Our benches are totally designed, designed and produced in Italy. Here we have the beating heart of the laboratory world with benches that can guarantee the best performance to the operators of the health world and beyond. Venice is definitely our reference city, but we have three other locations in [...]

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Interview with Bruno and Simone Stancanelli, CEO and export manager of ASEM

Despite the difficulties of the pandemic, what is the 2020 budget of ASEM and Chemisafe? The year was positive for ASEM, a company specialized in the study, design and production of technical furniture, chemical hoods and suction systems. The data in our possession updated at the end of November 2020 record an important growth [...]

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New generation of chemical extractor hoods ASEM® DPC2. Unique V.A.V. system with certified response time of 0.5 seconds. With V.A.V. (RMP) and double suction with double motor as required by Standard UNI/TS 11710 - May 2018. Total extraction Chemical Hoods are normally provided with a “double intake” obtained from a rear panel that, connected [...]

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Patho hood

From the decades of experience of ASEM® in the field of safety in the laboratory, was born PATHO HOOD, the chemical hood of the latest generation designed for pathological anatomy. The importance, and the fundamental role that pathological anatomy plays in the medical and surgical field, requires maximum safety and hygiene in every operation. [...]

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