espite the difficulties of the pandemic, what is the 2020 budget of ASEM and Chemisafe?

The year was positive for ASEM, a company specialized in the study, design and production of technical furniture, chemical hoods and suction systems.
The data in our possession updated at the end of November 2020 record an important growth that considering the period has been a very satisfactory result.

The year 2020 was also marked by a change in management, in fact we split the two companies at the tax level: now Chemisafe has become an independent company from ASEM, and this we believe allows us to improve in the management and organizational field. Chemisafe, which specializes in the design and manufacture of safety cabinets for the storage of hazardous substances such as flammable, chemical, acid, bases and gas, in 2020, marks a less significant growth because, working exclusively through distributors, It has had major slowdowns, but still there are good signs from the markets, especially from our offices in Paris, Shanghai and Dubai.

With Chemisafe we work in a niche, we are few: in Italy we are only 2 to produce this category while in Europe and the world we are 6. Our expectations are to be able to position ourselves well on the market and, in two to three years, to have even better numbers.

What investments do you have planned?

What investments do you have planned?

As for Chemisafe, we are investing in a new warehouse to transfer production to, because we need a larger area and leave more room for Cappe and furniture.
We are then continuing to invest to improve our products by implementing the offer in order to meet all needs.
On the furniture we are internally developing special electronic boards with software to manage chimi-that hoods, this will be our most important novelty of 2021.

What are the expectations for 2021?

The expectations for 2021 are very ambitious, it will be a positive year for ASEM and Chemisafe.
We have concluded worldwide important distribution contracts and have already acquired two important contracts in France.
The culture of safety in the laboratory is spreading more and more, the sensitivity to the need for maintenance of safety cabinets has grown and also the European legislation is looking at this kind of certification.
It’s nice to see the specifications that mention the Chemisafe brand and immediately identify the type of security cabinet required, it means that the
market recognizes the value of our products.

At product level, you recently introduced a cabinet for lithium batteries. What is it?

Our company has always invested in new products, presenting a novelty at every trade fair.
The novelty of 2020 – which unfortunately we do not have could present at the fair, since the events are were all canceled – was the closet for lithium batteries.

The lithium battery is a delicate product, if it catches fire is very difficult to turn it off and for this it is important that it is kept in safety. The cabinet that we have developed is equipped with a fire control unit that can communicate with firefighters.
We believe that lithium batteries will be increasingly popular, also as a result of the trend of the mobility market, increasingly oriented to the green between cars, electric scooters and bicycles. The purpose of these cabinets is to protect the environment.
Among the most successful products we also mention the filtration systems controlled by smartphones: we presented them two years ago and we continue to develop them and put them back on the market with some improvements and new features.

What news about your patents?

The last patent we filed is on hoods, where we guarantee protection not only from chemical risk but also from biological risk. We have designed and produced the first hood that allows the operator to enter the device, so protected and shielded from the crystal.
In this way, we solve in an unusual way a problem typical of pathological anatomy operators. We sold the first model in two-faced version, which gives the possibility to work with two operators positioned in front of each other. Our philosophy is to work trying to understand the problem of the customer, anticipate and solve it, ensuring maximum safety.