nterview with Simone Stancanelli

Our benches are totally designed, designed and produced in Italy.

Here we have the beating heart of the laboratory world with benches that can guarantee the best performance to the operators of the health world and beyond. Venice is definitely our reference city, but we have three other locations in Paris, Shanghai and Dubai to meet the various market needs.
It is truly a privilege to be able to present our desks here at Palazzo Zaguri.
Our benches are certified and have epoxy painted steel structures, laminate cabinets and a HPL top in this case that is the one that can cope with the most harmful acids or chemicals.
Our company founded 50 years ago continues to innovate.
For reasons of space we could not bring a hood of the latest generation and to connect with the historicity of the Palazzo Zaguri and the themes of the human virus exhibition we brought a historical hood, a real “gem”, a historical piece of the medical world.